Humane approach with ethical practice is the hallmark of this department.

Yashodhara Superspeciality hospital is a tertiary hospital geared to manage complicated medical problems. The department of Medicine has highly qualified & experienced consultants who can handle critical medical issued. The availability of various medical and surgical super specialists, round the clock laboratory and radiology services, emergency units ensure that the medicine department can offer high quality treatment for patients requiring tertiary level medical care.

The department is well coordinated in its activities and is supported by its own consultants along with those from various super-specialties.

With a back up from microbiology department, pathology department and intensive care unit ,we treat record number of cases of various infections and have treated patients in epidemics of H1N1,dengue and specialize in treating tropical infections.

The department also runs a teaching course for DNB students in general medicine.



doctor name qualification
Dr.Sunil Mehta M.D. (Medicine) DN B, FACC(USA)
Dr. Anjali Shivpuje MD(Medicine)
Dr. Mukteshwar Shete MBBS, DNB (Medicine)
Dr. Raviraj Gurav M.D. (Medicine)
Dr. Sumit More M.D. (Medicine)

Academics & Activities

  • Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic - CABG ( off pump and on pump ), MVR/DVR/AVR, ยท Read More...
  • Requirement -Doctor profession with 5 years experience in corporate hospital will be preferred.