Department of microbiology

Department of microbiology was established in 2006. Since then many facilities like bacteriology, mycology, mycobacteriology including sero-immunology are available. Initially bacteriology and mycology sections were based on manual techniques.

In January 2010, the laboratory is equipped with new state of art fully automated instruments like BAC-T alert and Vitek -2. These instruments helped the department to provide most accurate and rapid results i.e. identification and antimicrobial susceptibility results.

Our department was the first in Solapur and within first 50 laboratories in India who introduced Vitek-2 instrument. Vitek -2 is capable of identifying microorganism and providing automated sensitivity report within 6 to 8 hrs. With the help of Vitek-2 instrument, we are able to provide sensitivity along with MIC values. MIC values are really helpful for the clinician to treat the patient. These results are very critical for ICU patients. With the help of Vitek -2, now we are able to provide other information like phenotyping of the bug i.e. resistant pattern of the bug e.g. MRSA, ESBL, KPC etc. This data is useful to identify and to prevent hospital acquired infections.

BAC-T alert instrument is designed to identify bacteria and fungi in blood and body fluids as early as possible. 24 hrs monitoring system is there to identify growth of bacteria in the cultures. This is helpful to isolate organisms as early as possible. The positivity of blood culture is also more with this instrument compared to manual techniques. One more additional benefit of this instrument is its ability to isolate bacteria from blood even though the patient has received antibiotics before the collection of the sample. This is very useful in those sepsis patients who have received partial treatment outside and shifted to our hospital.

The lab is served by qualified microbiologist , Dr. Virendra Kashetty, M.D. [Micro] and competent technical staff. The lab is maintaining strict quality control measures. Prompt and accurate results are the features of the department of Microbiology.


doctor name qualification
Dr.Virendra Kashetty M.D. (Micro)

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